Center for Regional Change

Goal: To create a website for the UC Davis Center for Regional Change's Putting Youth on the Map project that is friendly to wide variety of users (students, professors, researchers, etc.). This page was meant to be clean and simple.


  1. Brainstorm - content needed vs. not needed; imagery; structure; goal-setting.
  2. Mock-ups - photoshop and illustrator wireframes, drawings to demonstrate what the website would look like and how it would work.
  3. Talk, new mock-ups, talk more, more mock-ups, more talking, and more mock-ups... (I think you get it)
  4. CODING!  This was a process. I started by laying out each page with HTML. Then I slowly started adding in the CSS - starting with the most basics - like the page structure. When this part was done I started on the animation (JS/jQuery) to figure out how the site would actually work. In our discussions we had decided on drop down menus and parallax scrolling pages. Parallax pages I was comfortable with, creating a simple ease transition with jQuery was simple. I had to do some research to create the drop down menus that I had envisioned, and ended up using CSS to create them. They were really easy to work with and alter as we made changes down the road.
  5. Content - this took a lot of time. There was so much content we ended up using some simple hide/show toggles to clean up the pages.
  6. Photographs - some photographs I had to take, others just edit, to help the pages come to life. It was important that the images (especially on the index page) be high quality.

This website was made by me! The content was created by the Center for Regional Change (CRC), but I designed, coded, and continue to maintain the entire site. View it here:

Following the successful completion of this site I was asked to create a page for the Regional Opportunity Index - within the CRC. This site has almost the same structure but different content.

I also created a portal page with the same structure again for the Center for Regional Change, in hopes to create some brand identity for the organization. I have also created a wordpress blog that is easy for non-designers & non-coders to maintain. The only site I haven't yet had the opportunity to redesign is but I do help maintain the content on this site.

Please check out the Center for Regional Change's homepage to explore the CRC's work (and mine too!)