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Voting Recommendations (English side)

Voting Recommendations

It all started when...

I walked in to my local Democratic Volunteer Center and said "Can I help?" I was immediately put to work creating this print material to be handed out to voters as a tool when filling out their ballots. Originally it was meant to be a door hanger to be left at voters doors, but door hangers annoy voters so I kept with the same dimensions and decided they would be handed out. Flipping the layout to horizontal made it much easier to read. Overall, this project had a lot of important information that needed to fit in a tight space.


Voting Recommendations (Spanish side)



Logo Development

Updated Logo, September 2016

Updated Logo, September 2016


While updating the above "door hanger" I realized the logos being used by the DVC were outdated and did not fit well with a lot of the material we were using. I went ahead and revamped the logo to make the DVC's materials more consistent.

Below are two of the old logos that were being used.


Old Logos



Informational Flyer


Informational flyer for events. 

This flyer was specifically created to bring in phone bankers.

Next I was tasked with creating a flyer that could be handed out at a wide range of events. The DVC is looking for huge numbers of volunteers to come out and help during this critical November election, and my job was to simply communicate the ease of getting involved.

Youth engagement event invite

Invitation to a youth engagement event

Space design

Midway through October 2016 - just weeks before the November 8th election - the Democratic Volunteer Center was able to expand headquarters into a much large space next door. At the same time, they became official offices for Hillary for America. It's important for a campaign office to be high energy in order to bring in and retain volunteers. I was tasked with sprucing up center to be a more exciting office space, and a better event room for the final debate watch party and the election results watch party. I painted two large "H" logos in the spaces, as well as "Hillary" and painted the "Stronger Together" logo on a pipe. We then painted "I'M WITH HER" AND "Estoy Con Ella". I also created a photobooth for volunteers to take pictures of for social media use to help spread the word.

More Signage & Print Material


T Shirt Design

The DVC decided to create celebratory shirts for volunteers to wear in the days leading up to the election and at the election night watch party. The DVC logo needed to be present on the blue shirt, as well as a small reference to Hillary.