Streamlinevents End of Year Event

For Streamlinevents December 12-14 end of year event, I created the majority of design materials. I designed signage, name cards, event information, a large brochure outlining end of year gifts for employees, and much more. Below are a few work samples. 

VMWare event designs

Name Badges and Program Guide cover

I created a name badge for a vmware event that would be placed in a custom designed lanyard. The program guide fits behind name badge in a sleeve. Therefore, the name badge covers 3 inches of the 6.25 inches height of the program guide. The two pieces needed to fit together and work seperate. The left image is the name badge, the right the program guide. The middle image is what it will look like when the program guide is placed behind the name badge in the lanyard sleeve. Both pieces are 3 inches in width. (October 2016)