Hello, my name is Meghan Jordan and I am a designer

Photo from UC Davis Aggies

Photo from UC Davis Aggies

I completed my B.A. at UC Davis in March 2015, a double-major in Design and Communication. I started working at TiVo as a Design Communicator for the UX team in July 2015. 

I am a designer with a wide range of skills and over four full years of work experience in the design field.  I am seeking a position that can blend my design and communication background. Employers note that I am:

  • Self motivated, yet a strong team player with the ability to motivate others,
  • A problem-solver, seeking to understand the context in which I work, and
  • A good communicator, ensuring others and myself have a clear sense of what is needed to get the job done.

I love sports, traveling, and documenting the world around me - usually through photographs.




Learn more about my JUICED project here.

For this project I created an entirely new consumer product. I had to take everything from graphics to branding to packaging into consideration.


Center for Regional Change Postcard

See all 4 original postcards here.

The purpose of this postcard is to advertise and brand the Putting Youth on the Map project. These postcards can be given away at functions, events, lectures, schools, etc. They serve as a "business card" for the project. The idea behind the full page photo is that many different photos will be used at different occasions making the post cards a fun item to collect.


Water bill redesign

View the complete water bill redesign here.

The goal of this project was to find ways to reduce water usage through a water bill. Extensive research led to deliberate design decisions that will help users understand their water use and hopefully ways to reduce it.


Paul Rand book

Select book pages can be viewed here.

This project was completed for a typography course. Creative layout, photo editing, and typography were the focus.




Street Musicians of Ireland in June/July 2013. A documentary project.

the beginning of a documentary, learning to film

Created in After Effects as project for motion graphics course Music: Good Life by One Republic

The UC Davis Women's lacrosse is 2-0 heading into their home and conference opener vs. California on March 8th Music Credit: Classic by MTKO The Best Day of My Life by American Authors

Promotional video of my own team - filmed by one of my teammates, edited by me.


Check out my resume

A few things about me

Morocco, 2013

Some of my favorite design skills

  • Adobe Photoshop, inDesign, Illustrator & AfterEffects
  • HTML 5//CSS 3//JavaScript//jQuery//Processing
  • Photography & Filming
  • FinalCutPro & iMovie
  • Presentation Design: Keynote & Powerpoint

Galway, Ireland 2013

Some things I enjoy

  • Playing lacrosse
  • Traveling
  • Eating spicy food
  • Drinking coffee
  • Biking
  • Post-its
  • Bullet points

My favorite ...

  • Food: tacos (especially from a truck)
  • Color: orange
  • Number: 7 (go ags!)
  • Foreign city: Barcelona, Dublin, London
  • Sport to watch: Basketball
  • TV Show: Friends, Gilmore Girls, How I Met Your Mother

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